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During your first visit, your dentist will carry out a full examination of your teeth, including an oral cancer check, and devise an itemised treatment plan that shows your options for treatment and associated costs.

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Dental hygienist appointments

At Avalon Oral Care Centre, oral health education is a key part of our remit – as dentists and hygienists, our priority is keeping you dentally fit for life. There is a proven connection between poor oral hygiene and chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, so if you keep your teeth and gums clean, you can insure yourself against the future costs of dental work and also mitigate against future health problems.  When you come for your regular hygienist visits, we’ll give you tips and advice on how best to maintain your smile, dental and general health.


Tooth-coloured white fillings

At Avalon Oral Care Centre, we only offer minimally invasive, aesthetic white fillings to fix cavities before they become more serious. With the new generation of cosmetic white fillings, you can replace your old amalgam fillings, or avoid them altogether for a smile that looks fresh and natural. Getting a white filling in some cases involves less drilling than would be required for traditional metal fillings, preserving more of the natural tooth. In many cases we can use Air-flow to gently remove decay and prepare the tooth for a white filling treatment. If your decay is more extensive, or you have had a root canal treatment, you may require a restorative treatment, such as a crown or bridge.

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Dentistry services in Crawley

Gentle root canal therapy

Endodontics, or root canal treatment in Crawley, has a bad reputation but is now as routine as getting a filling – so it’s nothing to fear if your dentist at Avalon Oral Care Centre recommends it for you. If you’re suffering from toothache, swelling and/or sensitivity to hot and cold, it’s possible that the inner soft tissue of your tooth – or dental pulp – has become infected due to trauma or deep decay. Root canal therapy eliminates the pain by clearing the infection and sealing the inside of your tooth to prevent re-infection. Because removing the root can cause the tooth to become brittle, a dental crown is usually required to reinforce the tooth afterwards.


Cap your tooth with a dental crown

For teeth that are badly decayed, weak or broken through injury, a dental crown can restore lost tooth tissue, or protect what remains of the tooth. Custom-made to match the natural colour of your teeth, a crown is bonded over the top of the existing tooth, bringing it back to full function. Crowns are often advised when filling is no longer an option, or after root canal treatment, which can leave teeth brittle and weakened. While traditional crowns were made of metal or gold, today’s advanced materials allow for completely lifelike, tooth-coloured restorations.

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Bridging the gap

A time-tested solution for filling gaps and replacing missing teeth, a dental bridge is a prosthetic tooth or series of teeth secured at each end by a crown. Even if the gaps left by missing teeth are causing you no discomfort, dental bridges are strongly recommended for preventing potential future problems. These can include bite distortion, caused by your remaining teeth shifting to fill the gap, and an increased vulnerability to gum disease and jaw pain. Like crowns, bridges are usually created from porcelain or precious metal, and are generally considered to be an excellent fixed alternative to dentures.


Modern dentures

If you are missing some or all of your teeth, Avalon Oral Care Centre is extremely experienced at fitting partial and full dentures. Made from acrylic, nylon or metal, today’s dentures look natural and fit snugly over your gums to replace missing teeth and counteract any problems missing teeth can cause – such as trouble eating and speaking and unwanted movement of existing teeth. Unlike crowns and bridges, dentures need to be removed daily for cleaning. Dentures are typically secured using clips. We can even attach dentures to dental implants, for a more secure option. Depending on how many of your teeth are missing, you’ll need either a complete denture or a partial denture. At Avalon Oral Care Centre, we offer a range of modern dentures and also repair existing dentures.

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Perfect your smile with veneers

Veneers are ultra-thin porcelain layers that are permanently bonded over your existing teeth to hide a multitude of dental disasters, from discolouration to gap, chips, cracks and minor misalignment. If you’re interested in getting veneers, inspired by the beautiful straight white smiles seen on celebrities and TV stars, come and talk to us at Avalon Oral Care Centre for an initial consultation to get you on the road to a brilliant new smile.


Bespoke mouth guards by Opro

Sporting injuries are one of the most common causes of missing teeth. If you or your child plays a contact sport, you are at a higher risk of dental trauma – including tooth loss, tooth fractures and chips, fractured crowns or bridgework, lip and cheek injuries, root damage to the teeth, fractured jaws, and even concussion! Wearing a custom-fitted sports guard is a small investment that will save you a whole lot of stress, time and money. At Avalon Oral Care Centre in Crawley, we can provide custom Opro sports guards, offering superior protection for your face, teeth, jaw, and gums. Opro guards are taking the sporting world by storm, as they offer thinner more comfortable guards, microbial protection and more bespoke options in terms of the level of protection and even the colour!

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Child dentistry provision

Children’s dentist in Crawley

The earlier you bring your child to the dentist for check-ups, the more likely they are to have a fun, positive experience that stays with them as they grow up. At Avalon Oral Care Centre, we believe children are never too young to come to the dentist –we encourage parents to bring their babies to see us as soon as the first teeth appear, or by the age of one regardless. As well as looking out for signs of tooth decay and gum disease, we can apply fluoride varnish or fissure sealants if required to protect your children’s teeth against decay. We’ll also monitor their bite and growing jaws, to help mitigate against complex orthodontic treatment in their teen years.


Oral surgery and extractions

No one welcomes the prospect of oral surgery, but at Avalon Oral Care Centre in Crawley our gentle approach ensures that any procedure will be carried out with your optimal health and wellbeing in mind. As well as offering routine wisdom tooth removal, our highly experienced dentists regularly carry out other minor surgical procedures, such as gum reshaping for both aesthetic and pre-prosthetic reasons, as well as more complex surgeries, such as bone grafting in preparation for dental implants.

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